Owen Public Adjusters Free Inspection And Policy Review

  • 1 Initial property inspection to determine the extent of damage.
  • 2 Insurance policy review to determine your dwelling and content coverage.
  • 3 Consultation to determine your options and possible next steps.
Owen Public Adjusters
Owen Public Adjusters

What Steps Should I Take When A Claim Occurs?

  • 1 Contact Owen Public Adjusters immediately.
  • 2 Do not remove damaged items.
  • 3 Do not clean damaged items or area.
  • 4 Move any undamaged items to a safe place.
  • 5 If possible take pictures of all damaged items and areas.

Our Start To Finish Services Include

  • 1 Emergency protection of your property from further damage during or after the loss.
  • 2 Complete a detailed building and personal property damage inspection.
  • 3 Complete an itemized property damage report with photographs.
  • 4 Complete an itemized personal property report with photographs.
  • 5 Policy Review to determine additional coverages and potential "loss of use" or "loss of rent"
  • 6 Meet with the insurance company's claims adjuster to review property damage and reports.
  • 7 Negotiate claim with the claims adjuster and present to client.
  • 8 Submit neccessary paperwork for payments after client approval.
Owen Public Adjusters

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